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Sports Psychology Communities Description



Communities of practice is an online space where a group of athletes engage with one another in a digital space allowing them to share information and experiences with the group with the goal of gaining new knowledge surrounding improving their mental game. This type of interaction happens through our discussion boards, newsgroups, WebEx conference calls, and peer-to-peer story telling.  At RRG we believe that by carefully crafted courses and implementing communities of practice, the craft of each practitioner will be further enhanced by the interaction of these shared communities under the supervision of sports psychologists.

The sports psychology training is a hybrid on-line and face-to-face learning program that trains athletes on their mental game. Overcoming failure, building resiliency, and focus are several of the key topics that we focus on to help athletes develop practical skills for coaching themselves on the field as well as off of it. We use the in-person seminars as a way to adjunct the online content, and all online content is developed through micro-learning and is easily accessible on the athlete’s phone.


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This is your main dashboard to access your learning materials, knowledge assets and courses.

RRG’s communities are designed around the idea that professionals of like mind need an online space to create, consume, and reiterate knowledge to better serve the professional community at large.

Business Research

These communities will have channels of information surrounding pre-articulated topics to further solidify learning and practice.

Business Handshake

We can assign an expert in the field to monitor the discussion activity to be a voice of knowledge and experience to help participants navigate the learning process.

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