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The RedZone training was developed solely with the purpose of providing practical skills for
coaches to use in high emotional conflicts with parents, athletes, or administration. These skills include diffusing confrontations, mediating parent-coach meetings and conflicts, as well as building a culture around predicting and preventing conflict. RRG uses online courses as a way to get everyone speaking the same language surrounding conflict, and the in-person training as a way to incorporate interactive real-life scenarios for the coaches to implement the skills they learned online under the supervision of conflict resolution professionals.

RedZone Training for Coaches and Staff

1. Online training courses:


Online course per month designed to equip the coach with a specific practical skill. The courses are designed to provide a new viewpoint for the coach to look at highly emotional conflict, and leave them with practical skills for them to
implement in their next parent meeting or conflict with an athlete. The underlying theme of the courses are to train the coach to predict and prevent conflict. The courses include
an assessment designed to identify the triggers of the coach, and the types of conflicts that trigger them.

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2. In-Person Professional Development:


The primary purpose of the online training is to enable the in-person training to be interactive. RRG surveys they team to determine the
most common conflicts and then designs scenarios for the coaches to practice the skills learned in the online training in front of conflict professionals.


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Foundation of a Conflict Leader 1.0:

Foundations of a Conflict Leader 1.0 is a dynamic course offering a foundation of terms, ideas, practices, and common languages to help you get an honest view of
the conflict management landscape. This course is built upon proven conflict management concepts to help you as an educational leader by helping everyone in your organization speak the same conflict management language.

Foundation of a Conflict Leader 2.0:

Foundations of a Conflict Leader 2.0 is designed to carry forward the common language you learned in Foundations of a Conflict Leader 1.0 and transition that into practical actions that will immediately begin to positively affect your day-to-day practices. You will get an honest self-evaluation of your conflict style, and you will learn how your personality and the way you communicate helps or hurts your ability to influence others and resolve conflict.

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Generational Conflict:

Generational Conflict is an industry leading course that helps education professionals not only understand the multitude of generations, but it empowers our conversations to move through the generational barriers, thus making way for understanding and teamwork. After completing this course you will be more informed on what to do when you’re in conflict with an athlete or parent who is from a different generation, when you’re managing a generationally diverse group of people, and how to motivate your collective group athletes who have all have
different work and communication styles.

Parent-to-Coach Conflict:

High emotion and reason do not function in the brain at the same time. We have all seen a small conflict escalate into a major dispute, and typically this happens because someone says or does something they typically wouldn’t do. This course focuses on equipping coaches with
practical skills for diffusing a highly emotional confrontation, setting a parent meeting, and mediating the conflict.

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